millinery blocks by Louise Macdonald Milliner (Melbourne, Australia)
Millinery course

Millinery experience: Block Fest (10 August 2024)

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When entering the world of millinery and making hats, blocks are essential but expensive pieces of equipment in the creative process. The more blocks we have the more choices are available in terms of size and shape.

At the Block Fest you can use as many blocks as you would like in the 3 hours available in Louise Macdonald's Melbourne studio. Steamers, irons, pin pushers, blocking cords, blocking pins and hair dryer are included in the experience. You can block as many shapes as your hands can manage in the designated period. The following day, once your hats have dried, return to take your shaped hats off the blocks. (No blocking offered during this time, just a quick collection.)

You need experience and knowledge to use the blocks. This is purely a use-of-equipment experience, not a class or demonstration of how to use them. To ensure a smooth and productive experience for everyone, participants are asked to respect the 3-hour timeframe. You need to plan your time and use of equipment accordingly to ensure you finish by the advertised closing time.

Option 1: Saturday 10 August 2024, 9:30am to 12:30pm (collection time: Sunday 11 August 2024, between 10am and 11am)

Also view option 2 (Monday 26 August 2024, 6pm to 9pm; collection time: Tuesday 27 August 2024, between 5pm and 7pm)

Cost: $150 AUD

Waiting list: If this course is sold out, join our waiting list

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